Cyrus Capital Partners, L.P. is an SEC registered investment adviser with offices in New York and London. Cyrus invests on a global basis in securities and loans issued by corporates and sovereigns. It invests across the entire capital structure of companies, takes long and short positions in debt, equity and derivative instruments traded publicly and over the counter, directly structures capital solutions for companies, and leads capital raises. Cyrus is an active investor that is deep value-focused and experienced in legal and process-oriented opportunities.

Cyrus seeks to generate high absolute returns over a full credit and business cycle. The Cyrus team is comprised of professionals with skill sets including bankruptcy and restructuring, industry, legal, private equity, capital structure, derivatives, trading, and capital markets.

Cyrus was founded by Stephen C. Freidheim in 1999, became independently-owned in 2005 and today manages over $4 billion (as of 9/1/23). Cyrus seeks to partner with like-minded investors who share its investments and business principles. Cyrus’ investment partners include leading family offices, endowments, and long-term institutional investors. We hard closed our flagship funds in April 2014, and reopened them due to the changes in the distressed opportunity set in May 2020. We are currently selectively accepting commitments to the funds.

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